About Me

DSC_0195I was raised on a foundation of words. In third grade, I devoured every book I could get my grubby hands on. My parents realized my addiction to words and stories when my teacher called, asking why Sara had read her entire history textbook in one night. And thus I read and read, burning through stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

As it tends to go, my love for literature fanned into a blaze that couldn’t be tamed with just reading: I had to craft my own stories, too. I set up my desk and got a glittering gold journal with a paper sunflower glued to the front and I took out my pen. No one has been able to stop me since.

My passion for reading and writing has driven me to find a way to help others who share these passions. Writing and reading go hand-in-hand, so why not learn from my favorite stories? I aim to help others by analyzing stories (literature and film) and gleaning what I’ve learned.

My love for the arts also includes portrait photography and graphite sketching. I carry a Nikon at my side and a sketchbook in my hand wherever I go.

I’m a nerdy fangirl. I’m prone to fits of analytical examination of anything and everything. According to the MBTI charts, I’m an INTJ.

And that’s me.


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